Northland Fire Responders Honored During National EMS Week

DULUTH, Minn.- Emergency Medical Services, known as EMS first responders, save lives every day. That’s why they are being honored as part of National EMS Week.

Rain or shine, in the mud or dirt, EMS first responders are there prepping us for what is next at the hospital.

Today, they got a break from their hectic work life enjoy some burgers and hot dogs. EMS personnel get everything started in the field.

From IVs, to getting patients out of their houses, Tuesday was a day of thanks because without them doctors and physicians would have much more difficult jobs.

Amery Robinson, an emergency physician at St. Luke’s says, “A lot of times by the time they have got people here to the emergency department their pain is better, their breathing is better. It just makes our job a lot easier in terms of getting them either back home and healthy or into the hospital in a more stabilized condition”.

Darren Peterson, a paramedic and field training officer said, “First responders aren’t kind of noticed as much. The ambulances aren’t noticed as much as times like the police officers or firefighters. They are all in EMS though. The police, fire and ambulance, we all work together. It’s a great thing, it feels good and everyone enjoys it”.

Emergency Medical Services Week has now been celebrated for the past 45 years to honor these valuable individuals in our community


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