Students Put on Empty Bowl Fundraiser

Funds raised total $5,000.

DULUTH, Minn.- Two seniors from Duluth Marshall school put on their version of the Empty Bowl Fundraiser, previously put on for 25 years by the Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank.

Organizers said Tuesday’s event raised roughly $5,000, which they say helps because one dollar can turn around three meals.

The two seniors, Elizabeth Jarocki and David Olsen, said that its exciting to see that they could successfully carry out an event normally conducted by a big organization.

“It’s been different from an organization cause there’s just two of us but we’ve been learning the communication skills that we need to have to contact places for donations and help,” Jarocki said.

“It’s really coming together to be a real event, so it’s been really exciting to see everything unfold and the actual thing to come together.”

Soup, rolls and other food supplies were donated by local businesses.

Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank donated about 400 leftover bowls, and about 100 more were donated by local artists and the Duluth Art Institute.

According to the Executive Director of the Food Bank, it was a pleasant surprise to have the two students take it on after they hit pause on the event earlier this year.

“We really didn’t expect that pause to un-pause, or to start again, but when Elizabeth initially called us, the student who put this on, we were really excited to hear she wanted to take it on,” Shaye Moris said.

“We were a little worried thinking this was a huge event, it has a lot of moving parts, so, she’s done an amazing job as does her counterpart here tonight.”

After seeing the success of tonight’s Empty Bowl, Moris said the Food Bank will meet in the early summer, to decide whether they will take back the fundraiser.

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