A New Way to Collect Rip Current Research

Wisconsin-Madison students collected new water safety data today at Park Point Beach

DULUTH, Minn.- Thursday, on the Park Point Beach, students were collecting some new water safety data.

The U-W Madison students used a drone to gather information and learn how rip currents affect the beach. They’re also researching how those in the water can prevent getting caught in a dangerous current. One student tells us, drones give them a more advanced look at things.

“We use a camera so it’s kind of the same idea but from the camera you can only have oblique view so sometimes you can’t see really far behind and sometimes things will get obstructed. But, with the drone we have the freedom to move over a large view and have very high resolution pictures,” said Yuli Liu, a graduate student from UW-Madison.

This research was a collaboration between the Wisconsin and Minnesota Sea Ground and the University of Minnesota.

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