Park Point Construction Begins Next Week

13th street to the Lift Bridge will be filled with construction cones starting next week

DULUTH, Minn.- A start date has now been set for a major Duluth construction project. Work on Park Point Road just south of the Lift Bridge will begin on May 29th.

Starting later this month, 13th street to the Lift Bridge will be filled with construction cones. The city will take three inches of black top off the roads to fix a bad pothole problem.

A milling overlay will also be used to try and erase some of the bad potholes in the area. The city doesn’t know exactly how much all of this will cost, but they do budget for work like this.

We talked with someone who has lived on Park Point for over 35 years. He says this project is long overdue.

“Hallelujah. Hallelujah. About time. This is the worst I’ve seen this road in 35 years and probably for longer than that. It’s absolutely terrible. It’s getting to the point now where it’s dangerous,” said Joe Medlin, a Park Point resident.

Street operations manager Chad Bednar says the road won’t be closed during this construction, but you should allow extra time if you are driving through since it will only be one way.

“We will be having traffic through here. We will have to have traffic control through here and the whole time there will be no parking throughout the road but we will have traffic going both ways,” said Bednar.

Construction for this project is scheduled to be completed the week before Grandma’s Marathon in June barring any unexpected delays.

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