Calculating Pollen in Duluth

A look at how pollen levels are calculated here in Duluth

DULUTH, Minn.- Doctors are expecting this to be a particularly bad allergy season with all kinds of trees blooming in a short period of time. Today, we got a behind the scenes look at how pollen levels are calculated here in Duluth.

On the roof of Essentia Health, there is a small spinning device that has a grease stick attached to it. That device picks up the dust and pollen in the air. The samples are then taken downstairs and looked at under a microscope where doctors determine how many allergens there are.

One doctor tells us, this year has some of the most snow mold they have seen. But without a collecting tool like Essentia has, many would be left in the dust.

“It lets especially our allergy shot patients like to know of the pollen type because they know they might need to come more often to get their allergy shots”, said Louise Slatten, Allergy Department Team Leader at Essentia.

Officials recommend having a plan before going outside this allergy season by looking at pollen counts and getting our allergy medicine.

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