Governor Calls Special Session to Complete $48B Budget

The Last Piece of the 2 Year Budget Fell Into Place Thursday

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) – Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz has called lawmakers back for a special session to complete a $48 billion state budget for the next two years.

The Democratic governor told them to convene at 10 a.m. Friday in hopes of adjourning before 7 a.m. Saturday. But suspending the normal procedural rules to let that happen requires some votes from the House Republican and Senate Democratic minorities. It’s not clear yet if that will be forthcoming.

The last piece of the two-year budget fell into place Thursday when Walz and leaders of the Senate Republican and House Democratic majorities agreed on a health and human services bill.

Some Democrats are upset that several of their initiatives were cut from the final version, including a proposal to make emergency insulin supplies more affordable.

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