Water Safety Skills for Elementary Students

The Superior YMCA hosted Northern Lights students teaching them water safety skills

SUPERIOR, Wisc.- Today, students spent the day learning water safety skills. This month, 600 Superior Elementary school kids will take part in the free program, most of who have never gotten water safety training before.

Warm weather is on its way and soon families will be out on Lake Superior beach. The YMCA in Superior is doing their part to help kids stay safe out on the water.

Training sessions like these teach kids proper breathing, swimming, and floating skills. Instructors say it’s important to work with students on drills so they develop needed muscle memory.

“This isn’t just regular swim lessons where we are teaching them front and back stroke. This program is designed to prevent drowning from happening”, says Jess Melander, Aquatic Director at Superior YMCA.

One Northern Lights Elementary teacher tells us the timing for this program is great with summer right around the corner.

“Well we live by the incredible Lake Superior and just knowing that we are going into the summer and a lot of our families are going to be spending time out at the lake, its good to know that they will be safe and they will have the tools they need to be successful in the water during those experiences with friends and families”, says Brianna Sislo, 3rd Grade Teacher at Northern Lights.

The Superior YMCA teaches more than two thousand kids water safety and swimming skills every year, and organizers hope the program continues to grow.

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