A Workout Fit for the Troops at Aerial Athletics

Annual Memorial Day Murph held.

DULUTH, Minn.- As many break out their grills and picnic tables this Memorial Day Weekend, fitness fanatics at Aerial Athletics honored Memorial Day in a different way: with an intense workout.

The dripping sweat and the grunts of intensity feel more like a boot camp than a Memorial Day event.

“Do something that’s maybe a little more important than an everyday workout,” said Aerial Athletics owner Ryan King.

The hardcore crossfit workout is named the Memorial Day Murph, after fallen soldier, Lieutenant Michael Murphy, killed in the line of duty in 2005.

“He had to sacrifice himself to get a call out to save the rest of his team over in Afghanistan,” King said.

The routine is not for the faint of heart.

“You take off and run 1 mile. When you get back you do 100 pull-ups, then 200 push-ups, then 300 air squats, then run another mile.”

While some who have done this for years try to beat their personal best, the overall consensus is, that’s not the point.

“If you can go all out and do it in 30 minutes, awesome, and if it takes you 2 hours and you walk it, awesome,” said Kevin Waters, Pilot in the 148th Fighter Wing.

“You’re not here to try to be the best time, you’re here to remember Mike’s sacrifice.”

For warriors like Waters who have made it back home, this is a way to give a little–to honor their brothers who gave all.

“I’ve been in the airforce for 16 years and like honoring guys that, obviously there’s many more guys than just Mike Murphy who’s given the ultimate sacrifice for this stuff,” Waters said.

“And it’s cool to be able to remember those guys, and do something small just to keep that spirit alive.”

“Especially in the crossfit world, and you see probably across the country, a lot of patriotism,” said King.

“So to be able to honor somebody and do something that, a workout that they look forward to all spring and to do with friends.”

Before long, these athletes look exhausted, but determined to finish strong.

“You put your body through his in order to, to get fitter and to be more capable, and it’s on the same spectrum as what out military members do,” King said.

But for many of them, this is just your typical Memorial Day. Plus they have a nice barbecue waiting for them after.

“It’s one of those things that once you’re kinda used to it, this is just the norm for Memorial Day,” said King.

“And then maybe go out and have some fun for the rest of the weekend.”

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