Make Music with Anything in the Battle of the Jug Bands

The 23rd annual Battle of the Jug Bands was at Amazing Grace Bakery.

DULUTH, Minn.- Local musicians broke out their banjos, guitars, jugs and anything that made noise for the 23rd annual Battle of the Jug Bands competition.

Amazing Grace Bakery in Canal Park was filled with people who love making music.

Bands were judged on how creative their instruments were.

Some artists used jugs and washboards, others has their own talents to show off.

“Well, I sing and I whistle. Oh, and I play the spoons,” Jayne Haugejorde, who self-titled herself Goddess of the Jug Bands, said.

Competitors battled for the chance to win the coveted krumkake iron, a Norwegian waffle iron used by jug bands as a clacker.

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