Barking Biking and Walking through Canal Park

Zeitgeist holds Bike Bark Walk through Canal Park.

DULUTH, Minn.- On Wednesday Duluth families and their four-legged friends enjoyed the nice weather by taking a long walk along the lake.

The Bark Bike Walk took the group to 12th street beach from Endion Station.

It’s part of Zeitgeist Community’s Duluth Superior Bus Bike Walk Month, to celebrate people-powered modes of transportation.

“Sometimes it’s hard to forget that some people don’t own cars and rely on walking, biking or busing throughout the whole year,” said Zeitgeist Marketing Manager Maddy Wegener. “But on days like today it’s hard to beat the weather so I fee like most of us are out here having fun and getting some exercise in.”

Walkers said things on the trail got a little hot for their dogs, but splashing around in the cool lake made it all worth it.

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