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Duluth now has a national scenic trail running right through it

DULUTH, Minn.- It has been a process for over 25 years, but now Duluth has a national scenic trail running right through it.

Congress passed a massive public lands package earlier this year making Duluth part of just 11 national scenic trails in the country.

What is known as the Arrowhead Re-Route, it makes the Superior hiking trail part of the North Country National Scenic Trail- Minnesota Route.

Today was a day for those who have been pushing to do this for a long time. The Kekekabic Trail is also now officially part of the North Country Trail.

But organizers say without thousands of volunteers none of these changes would have been possible.

“I’ve worked at a lot of different trail organizations and the effort we have on the North Country Trail is really unparalleled on any other trail. We have just thousands and thousands of citizens time and work and effort and funding to get the trail on the ground and to make sure it’s around for future generations”, said Andrea Ketchmark, Executive Director for North Country Trail Association.

The Superior Hiking Trail has been around for a decade, and today the word unofficial went away as the trail becomes part of a much longer route.

“For the last dozen years, we have referred to it as the “unofficial route”, and now we don’t have to say unofficial anymore. Now we can proudly say that when you are on the Superior Hiking Trail, you are on the nation’s longest hiking trail, and you’re on one of the best parts of it”, said Matt Davis, Regional Trail Coordinator for North Country Trail.

As part of this project, a new trail between Grand Rapids and Ely will also be in development in the coming years. This will connect one hundred fifty additional miles of trail. This is the largest re-route in the history of the National Trail system.

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