Twin Ports Tech Company Launches Presentation Software

Fasetto launched their newest software "Forum."

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Superior based software company Fasetto is one of the only tech companies in the Twin Ports.

They’re trying to get the word out about their newest development called ‘Forum.’

Employees held a launch party for the software.

Forum is designed to make presentations more accessible for presenters and viewers.

Internet is not needed to use the software once it’s downloaded.

“It’s allowed me to save a lot of time, so I can take an extra 15 minutes to work on something else or sleep in an extra 15 minutes. Things are going to be smooth, I don’t have to walk into a room and worry about do I have the right connection to the tv? Do I have the right resolution? Do I have the right type of platform to make something work?” Fasetto CEO Coy Christmas said.

The launch and ribbon cutting focused on the start of ‘Forum Pays,’ way to recruit people to sell the software to Twin Ports businesses.

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