City of Duluth Educates Community on Invasive Knotweed Plant

Plant impacting in over 300 areas in Duluth.

DULUTH, Minn. – The invasive Knotweed plant is becoming a growing concern for the city of Duluth.

Officials held a workshop to educate contractors and land managers on ways to keep the plant from spreading.

The plant has been found in more than 300 locations around Duluth.

It’s commonly referred to as “bamboo” because of its thick stem.

It can grow over 10 feet tall, and its roots can extend up to 65 feet long.

The workshop taught contractors the best ways to treat the plant so it doesn’t spread.

Exerts say Knotweed can have a big impact on the environment.

“The Knotweed can spread particularly in our stream corridors and cause erosion issues. It crowds out the native vegetation that we want here and we need here for our species,” said Lori Seele, coordinator with the¬†Cooperative Invasive Species Management Areas.

Experts say land owners should not cut or move the plant because it can spread more.

Even small pieces of stem or root can start new growth.

It’s recommended to treat the plant in the fall with an herbicide.

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