Eskomos Softball Prepares For Fourth Straight State Appearance

Esko will play top seed Norwood-Young America on Thursday.

ESKO, Minn. – The Esko softball team will be making its fourth straight trip to the class AA state tournament later this week.

For the upperclassmen who have made it to state each year, they hope to use their experience to make a deep run this week.

“We know what to expect, we’ve had experience going down there, we know how to play our game, we know the teams that we’re facing are going to be good so we just have to not let it get to our heads and just play how we know how to play,” infielder Sydney Hanson said.

“They just kept going about their business, they never got high, they never got low, they stayed in that even–keel we always tell them to stay on that even–keel. I think that they know how to win and that’s from the previous seniors before them. It’s just taught to them. It’s like a puppy, you teach them and it’s like okay, I got it,” Esko head coach Jeff Emanuel said.

Esko will take on No. 1 seed Norwood-Young America, who’s making its state tournament debut. But the Eskomos aren’t looking too much into the seeding and are ready to go out there and play.

“When I found out the team that we’re playing, I didn’t even know that they were first seeded. I didn’t know that they were seeded first and it didn’t bother me at all because they’re here for the same reason we are and we’re just there to compete,” infielder Kristy DeMuth said.

“Everyone’s tough down there, everyone’s good. We drew the tough seed which I think is not a bad thing because if you beat them off the bat, then you could get a lower seed. But seeding doesn’t mean nothing down there. If we play the way we played in our section championship game, we can play with anybody,” Emanuel added.

The Eskomos and Raiders will play each other in the class AA quarterfinals on Thursday at 9 a.m. in Mankato.

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