Northern Star: Gabby Seyfer of the Duluth Figure Skating Club

She will be skating at a new national competition in Florida this June.

DULUTH, Minn. – Gabby Seyer, a rising sophomore at East High School, has made figure skating her life for the past ten years.

Now, she’s one of only 18 girls in her level competing at the inaugural National Excel Festival in Coral Springs, Florida.

“I’m excited about meeting new competitors from all over the country. So I’m kind of excited to meet all the girls from my group and make new friends I guess,” said Gabby Seyer, of the Duluth Figure Skating Club.

What makes this competition different, is that it’s designed to foster friendships among the skaters by making it an educational training camp as well.

“I feel like it’s making it seem more friendly when they add all these classes that you can do with other people and make new friends. I think they’re trying to introduce it as more friendly, and not cutthroat and competitive and stuff like that,” said Gabby.

Gabby’s mom, Heather Seyfer, who’s been a skating coach for 25 years, applauds U.S. Figure Skating for giving skaters who might not be on track for the Olympics a chance to compete nationally.

“Being able to have a sector that helps these kids that’s more appropriate for what they do that means everyone succeeds. They will have to persevere every single day, especially in skating they fall down and they get up every single day. But having a different place where they can go and have success is going to be invaluable in our whole sport,” said Heather.

Heather also believes meeting and befriending other skaters who are at the same level at this competition will make everyone better.

“These special spectacular environments that we get to go and be motivated and reinvented by being exposed to these other people and kids from all around the United States who are going through the exact same thing,” said Heather.

Gabby will be competing this upcoming weekend in Florida and she says it’s important to be involved in activities you enjoy.

“I think it’s important to make sports fun and not be too hardcore where it doesn’t make it fun anymore. I feel like sport should be enjoyable where you actually want to show up, instead of being like oh I have to come here where it’s not fun like I have to do this every day,” said Gabby.

For Gabby, the rink is a place she can depend on, and that’s part of why she loves skating so much.

“My favorite thing about skating is coming to a welcoming environment I guess. I’m happy to come to skating every day because it just makes me so happy. When I’ve had a bad day at school or just in general this is where I know I have my true friends and I can just talk to them about it and it just makes me smile about all the things that we do together,” said Gabby.

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