Phase Three Of The Seawall Rehabilitation Began Monday

Phase Three hopes to be completed by Grandma's weekend June 21st.

DULUTH, Minn.- A project that was supposed to be completed last year began today in Duluth. Phase three of the Seawall rehabilitation project is now underway.

As the Seawall rehabilitation project moves forward, the Minnesota Slip Bridge will be closed to pedestrian traffic.

That isn’t the only work being done. A storm water outfall, concrete patios, sidewalks, curbs, a bike path and seeding turf will all be installed. Although its an inconvenience now, city leaders hope people will remain understanding while construction is going on.

“We are just asking folks for this less than three week period to be patient with the necessity to walk around the slip rather than across the Minnesota Slip Bridge. And in three weeks we will be done with that and there will be no further disruption”, said Jim Filby Williams, Director of Public Administration.

Those closely involved will be happy once this long awaited project is finally done.

Filby Williams also said, “it’s going to feel great. It was an 11 million dollar project that included contaminant remediation, reconstruction on a 125 year old sea wall right in the center of our tourist district. It was a hard project so we will be really happy to deliver a good final project”.

Three weeks from now marks Grandma’s Marathon weekend. The plan is for the project to be finished by June 21st.

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