Duluth Fire Department Train for Real Life Events

Fire Department looking for more vacant homes to train in.

DULUTH, Minn. – Duluth firefighters trained for real life emergency situations at a vacant house to learn how to become more efficient in their response.

During the training firefighters practiced how to search for people trapped inside a house that’s on fire.

Firefighters were split into groups to perform searches and learned best practices on how to execute those searches.

The fire department says the training will help firefighters concentrate on the rescues while other firefighters tackle the fire.

“This really allows us to get crews in the building that they are not familiar with and actually train realistically. We can do searches at the station and stuff, we all know the fire station is not as realistic and doesn’t do as much for us,” said Captain Andy Golz.

The Duluth fire department says they  train on realistic situations at vacant homes about five times every summer.

The department is asking the public to reach out to them if anyone has a vacant home or one that will be torn down that they could use for demonstrations.

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