New Mine View Open on the Iron Range

Known as the Grand Canyon of the north, the Hull Rust Mahoning mine view is now open to the public.

HIBBING, Minn. – The Hull Rust Mahoning mine is known as the Grand Canyon of the North and each year thousands of visitors travel to Hibbing to see one of the world’s largest open pit mines.

The Hibbing and Iron Range area has a rich history of supplying the world with the makings of steel and the new mine view gives visitors an up close look at how a mine operates.

“It’s important because this is how we make our living. It’s one of the biggest things up here. Without it, it wouldn’t be the Iron Range,” said Hibbing resident Greg Anaas.

The mine is over eight miles long and three miles wide and gives visitors an idea of how huge the site and all the equipment used there is.

“People are amazed at the size of the truck we have up here on the hill. And the ones we have in the pit are half again as big as these and they can’t believe they look as small as they do,” said John Huska, a volunteer guide.

After the old mine view was closed for more than a year to make way for Hibbing Taconite, the view site was moved.

But, many think the new location has an even better view of the area.

“We do have some spectacular views it’s a good view of the working part of the mine. You can see a real nice panoramic view of the city of Hibbing and the surrounding area,” said Huska.

Even for a miner himself, the mine view has shown him things he’s never seen before.

“Even though I’ve worked at the mine some of the stuff I never got to see before, like the drag shovel there I never got to witness that. Just the sheer mass of everything,” said Anaas.

Ultimately the mine view celebrates how important the industry is to the region.

“Just show the history of the range. We are proud of our history here and we want the rest of the world to know about it,” said Huska.

The mine view is open daily to visitors and they are busy adding on to it.

You can expect a new playground along with a gift shop in the future, along with being a great spot to enjoy the impressive vistas the Iron Range has to offer.

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