Ropes Course & Ziplining Along North Shore

GREAT OUTDOORS: Adventure Park on the North Shore

SILVER BAY, Minn. — A brand new adventure has popped up in Minnesota! In this week’s great outdoors Fox 21’s Brittney Merlot takes us up into the tree tops, climbing and zipping with a new experience!

Face a fear of heights and challenge yourself…Step by step…

This is a place for all ages, family and friends; offering a unique challenge ropes course, mixed in with ziplines. This special design came all the way from Switzerland!

Bahman Azarm the CEO of Outdoor Adventures, who is also the designer and creator of this specific Minnesota course explained, “We went with the family and we had a blast in Switzerland. It actually really changed my daughter’s life, in that she never wanted to be outside with us before. But after she was challenged in the course, she just loved the experience, and all she wanted to do was be outside after that.”

“We have great feedback, we’ve had so many kids who are just beyond excited and parents that are excited. There was someone who mentioned having a Bachelorette party here!” said the Manager of Adventure Park on the North Shore Natalie Rich. “Silver bay having something like this is just a great opportunity. It’s going to be great with being right next to Highway 61, we will get a ton of foot traffic, especially with the new Black Beach Campground going in soon.”

Climbing a challenging ropes course isn’t the only obstacle, remember it’s mixed with ziplines along the tree tops too – with spectacular Lake Superior views.

“We really felt it was the perfect location for people to take a break, stop. There will be food, e-bikes that you can rent and all of this climbing to do.” said Azarm.

The adrenaline rush kicks up at these heights, where they offer six different courses to choose from, all beginning from a central platform.

“So you can start on a yellow that a 7 year old can do on their own, then go up to a green, blue or even the black course which is very challenging.” expained Azarm.

This is a self-guided tour, so you choose your own path in the two hour climb time!

“Once you do one course and you get down, you come right back to the main platform and you can climb any other course or just do the same one again if you enjoyed it.” said Azarm.

Hanging up to 50 feet in the air, walking tight ropes, balancing and testing your skills. “This is definitely going to be a new passion! It is fun, it’s a workout, you’re outside, what more can you ask for?” laughed Rich.

If you are worried about the drop, “It’s virtually impossible to fall off! The reason behind that is because of the carabiners that we use. It’s a safety belay system from Germany, when one is locked the other one is unlocked. So you can transfer safely to other courses and you really are secured as you go through the park and we feel great about that and allows you to actually do the exploring yourself.” said Rich.

If your obsessed already and want to climb all summer long, apply for a job!

“We are still hiring monitors. Which is basically a lifeguard on the ground.” said Rich.

They also have a dual racing ziplines!

“It’s so much fun to get on there and just zip down. There are cars that are going by and every once in awhile you hear them honk their horn, so it’s really fun!” said Azarm.

It’s a family friendly adventure for all ages and if someone in the group wants to sit this one out, they get in for free!

It’s open rain or shine, because the water on the course only increases the challenges! But lightning or severe winds, will of course shut it down.

They are expecting to have a few late evenings as well, with twinkling lights guiding you across those height challenges and zipping through the darkness for some pure adrenaline fun!



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