City Doubles Pothole Patching Crew

There will now be six patching crew groups containing around four to six people

DULUTH, Minn.- Potholes have become so much of an issue in Duluth that the city is now doubling pothole crew response. The city says this has been a record breaking year for bad potholes.

Duluth will now have six total crews divided into groups. Three on the east side, and three on the west side having four to six workers making streets smoother for drivers.

The rain this week is creating some extra work. Crews are using leaf blowers and brooms to sweep away water for pothole patching. This years pothole repair is an ongoing issue due to the harsh winter that is causing extra problems.

“We do this every year. This year is a little worse than most because of all the constant grading and plowing we had to do in February and March”, said Chad Bednar, Street Maintenance Manger for the City of Duluth.

The city will be covering most of the $1.1 million cost of the pothole fix-up project, but some help is coming from Domino’s through their Paving for Pizza Campaign. Domino’s will be donating five thousand dollars.

“Being involved in the community no matter what it is whether it’s the pot holes or any of the other stuff Domino’s does, it’s always a nice way to give back”, said Duan Carlson, Franchisee for Domino’s in Northern Minnesota.

It does take awhile to fix problems on the 700 miles of road and alleys in Duluth so the process starting now will take until October to finish.


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