Israel Malachi Announces Run for Duluth Mayor

CEO holds press conference at City Hall to announce run.

DULUTH, Minn.- Duluth Mayor Emily Larson now has an opponent for the city’s next mayoral race

The CEO of Duluth company Puritan Handwired Amplifiers LLC, Israel Malachi announced he’s running for mayor on the first floor of city hall today.

He is running on a platform of cleaning up the city of garbage and rats, decriminalizing smoking and vaping laws, and filling potholes.

“We don’t need a city administration that is a mommy or a dictator, what we need is a servant, we need public servants,” Malachi said. “And I am Israel Malachi running for mayor to be your servant.”

Malachi will run in November against Mayor Emily Larson, who recently announced her run for a second term.

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