Lake Superior Zoo Spends Day Appreciating Members

Zoo holds Members Appreciation Day.

DULUTH, Minn.- Imagine having a zoo all to yourself for the day.

Lake Superior Zoo members had that chance today for the zoo’s member appreciation day.

After a pretty long and rough winter the zoo was full of sunshine and families as the zoo thanked their members for their continued support.

The zoo was more alive than usual as members could watch a live magic show, take rides on a train, and bouncy in a bouncy house among other activities to make the zoo all their own.

“We want them to feel like this is their zoo, the zoo in Duluth here, we are such a community place for anybody to come and we want the members to feel like they own it,” said Haley Hedstrom, the zoo’s Director of Marketing and Development.

“They are here, they are the reason that we’re here.”

Members could also climb a rock wall, or get a tour of the Willard Munger Animal Care Center, where the zoo takes care of their animals.

But of course some just wanted time with their beloved animals.

“I think my favorite thing would be seeing the Lions. It was just really cool to see them relaxing,” said Tea Kilpatrick, visiting the zoo with her mom and little brother.

“It’s nice to be able to just have our own little time, where it isn’t, like, everyone scouring around.”

Members could also enjoy live music in the zoo’s pavilion.

Get ready for Zoolapalooza, Hedstrom said, the zoo’s biggest fundraiser of the year, happening next month.

They will also begin construction this summer on the renovation of the zoo west of Kingsbury Creek and their Bear Country exhibit.

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