U.S. Army and Superior Fuel Join Forces

An incentive to join the Army and have possible employment after their stay

DULUTH, Minn.- Those interested in joining the Army are receiving a big incentive to do so, from a Northland business.

Superior Fuel has announced they are partnering up with the Army in the partnership for youth success programs.

What this program does is guarantees soldiers will get a job interview and possible employment after their stay in the Army. Leadership from both organizations say this program is a win-win.

“And this is just one of many hopefully partners that we can get to where we could put veterans and returning reservists for jobs”, said Donna Morales PaYS Marketing Analyst.

“When we have corporations like this, companies that say he we got you, or we want to give you that opportunity or chance it makes it that much easier to relax, focus on what you are doing”, said Patrick Campbell, Commander of St. Paul Army Recruiting Company.

Superior Fuel is the only company in the Northland that is a partner for the jobs program.

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