Research on Peregrine Falcons Continues


DULUTH, Minn. – Some researchers in Duluth got a bird’s eye view Wednesday to learn more about falcons and their behavior.

The Raptor Resource Center sent some of their researchers from Iowa to West Duluth to put leg bands on three falcon chicks that hatched last month.

The researchers teamed up with Minnesota Power and climbed 100 feet up to the roof of the Hibbard Renewable Energy Center.

The leg bands help researchers track falcons to learn about their behavior.

The partnership between the Raptor Research Center and Minnesota Power has helped the Peregrine Falcon move off of the endangered species list.

“They are an endangered bird, they need some protection and help and our facility offers them a great place to live and raise their families,” said Chris Rousseau, Manager of Renewable Business Operations at Hibbard Renewable Energy Center.

Minnesota Power has provided boxes for falcons to nest in since 1993. Since then, 98 falcons have been banded at Hibbard and at the Boswell Energy Center in Cohasset.

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