Stoplights Coming to Busy London Road Intersection

Starting later this month, the intersection of London Road and 60th Avenue East will have stoplights

DULUTH, Minn.- Stoplights are coming to a busy Duluth intersection. They are being installed on London Road to help with construction of the Lester Park Bridge starting later this month.

London Road and 60th Avenue East will be getting these temporary stoplights. The goal is to help with traffic during the $2 million dollar bridge rehabilitation project.

“There’s over five thousand vehicles on Superior Street and we are trying to basically merge all those vehicles on to London Road to get up the NorthShore and we looked at a bunch of options for routes and we figured the best option to start with is a temporary signal”, said Steve Krasaway, Resident Engineer for St. Louis County.

With all this construction going on, there will be some traffic congestion during the much needed bridge work, so drivers are urged to be patient.

“It’s going to be tough during construction for people to work and live in the construction area but with a little patience it will be really good when it’s done”, said Krasaway.

When it’s done the project will bring new trails, larger sidewalks, and new pedestrian facilities along 60th and 61st Avenue East.

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