Making Way for Monarchs in Duluth

Monarch Butterfly population decreasing over time, in need of saving experts say.

DULUTH, Minn.- A certain winged insect was celebrated for arriving in Duluth.

The Coppertop Church held their 4th Annual Monarch Festival, marking the Monarchs ending their migration here from Mexico.

Experts, caterpillars, and real Monarch butterflies were in attendance, helping to educate and encourage the public to plant milkweed, a non-invasive plant that attracts and feeds Monarchs.

According to experts, this is crucial, since the Monarch population in the country has been on a decline over the past decade.

“People are really, really starting to get it, about the importance of pollinators,” said Festival Coordinator Carolyn Schroeder. “Monarchs need our help, to plant nectar plants that attract monarchs.”

“And #1 is to plant milkweed and really cut down on using pesticides and herbicides.”

They said anyone can plant milkweed, and it is a relatively easy plant to control. It comes in many varieties.

Not only do Monarchs eat the milkweed, but they lay their eggs and build chrysalises on milkweed leaves, making the plant species their home.

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