Duluth City Council Approves Changes to Minnesota Power Building

Duluth City Council Approved Monday Night's Vote for Renovations to the Minnesota Power Building

DULUTH, Minn. – The Minnesota Power building in downtown Duluth hasn’t changed much since 1970’s, but company leaders are hoping the Duluth City Council helps clear the way for some renovations by letting them close the entrance to their building from the sky walk.

The vote Monday night was approved unanimously, with councilor Arik Forsman abstaining.

The main goal includes creating a more efficient space for employees, having a more welcoming lobby for visitors, and updating security systems.

This will cause the entrance to the building from the sky walk on the first and second floors to be closed while they would build a stair well there instead which is the portion that would need to be voted on by the Duluth City Council.

“This is an older building. So we see this as an opportunity to make an investment here in downtown Duluth”, said Amy Rutledge, Minnesota Power Representative.

Although construction would not begin until August, it would be timely with Superior Street reconstruction going on at the same time.

“We want to make sure that we are minimizing any disruption or any impact to the public”, said Rutledge.


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