Earth Rider Brewery Planning Major Expansion

Superior craft brewery will double beer production and expand event space between buildings

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Earth Rider Brewery in Superior is selling more beer than they can make.

Now, they’re making a big expansion they say will double their beer production.

Earth Rider started brewing almost two years ago.

Soon the Superior company will make even more craft beer and will host big events between their brewery and taproom.

Grain elevators and ships make a unique backdrop for the now-empty field between the Earth Rider production facility and the Cedar Lounge.

The space could soon host 2,000 person concerts and other events.

This summer, a fence will be installed, with a band shell planned for the future.

The brewery expects to be at the heart of expanding what they call some of the last underdeveloped waterfront in the Twin Ports.

And they want to do it while serving their brews as fresh as you can get craft beer anywhere.

“Drinking beer in a taproom is an awesome experience because you’re tasting beer as soon as the brewer decides it’s ready, that’s the best point to drink that beer,” said Brad Nelson, Earth Rider’s Director of Brands.

Inside the brewery, Earth Rider now has two twenty-barrel and three forty-barrel fermenters.

This summer, they will add two more twenty-barrel and two sixty-barrel fermenters, doubling how much beer they can make.

The goal is to get more beer drinkers buying local, supporting Earth Rider and other craft breweries who make a wide variety of products.

“Most people that say they don’t like beer just haven’t found the beer that they would like to taste. Maybe they grew up and their dad was drinking Pabst or Old Style or something and they don’t like that flavor. Well it turns out there’s a lot different flavors in beer and that’s what craft beer is really about,” said Frank Kaszuba, Earth Rider’s Director of Brewing Operations.

The brewery is also planning an expansion of the Cedar Lounge Taproom.

They say the three-season porch-like addition will double seating inside.

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