Geocaching Through Duluth Parks

Duluth Parks and Recreation teaches people how to geocache.

DULUTH, Minn.- The City of Duluth Parks and Rec Department is getting in on geocaching, to encourage more people to check out parks and greenspace.

The first GPS navigation and geo–caching meeting was held at Enger Park.

To geocache, you need a handheld GPS or a cellphone, and use coordinates to find hidden clues and riddles throughout nature, to lead you to a prize at the end.

“Geocaching is kind of like a treasure hunt that can happen anywhere,” said Sam Werley, Recreation Specialist. “I think it’s a great way just to get out into our city parks and greenspaces, explore them in a way that’s maybe you haven’t learned before or haven’t seen before.”

You can join the geocaching group again on June 25th and July 3rd.

Registration can be found at 

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