Rescue Divas Camp Inspires Young Girls From Northwestern Wisconsin

MASON, Wis. – It’s called Rescue Divas and for the fifth year in a row this special camp offers a unique experience for sixth to eight grade girls from Northwestern Wisconsin.

They get first–hand experiences with the Emergency Services field.

The Rescue Divas Camp was started to empower young girls and to peak their interests in helping save lives.

20 girls from 10 counties in Northwestern Wisconsin participate in a five day sleep away camp.

They learn valuable emergency services skills like CPR and First Aid training.

“It’s really exciting and you learn a whole bunch of new stuff. It’s really cool,” said camper Ellie Grahek.

Sawyer County Search and Rescue crews along with other emergency services stop by to give an inside look into the career paths.

Rescue Divas Camp offers these experiences to help minimize a need in a growing industry.

“There’s a great shortage of EMS professionals and there is especially a great shortage of women in EMS. We wanted to start them you and expose it to them,” said Rescue Divas Project Director Mary Zinnecker.

A member of the Sawyer County Search and Rescue has a daughter participating in the camp.

She says the camp is an opportunity to not only inspire career goals, but also give the girls skills they can use now.

“I would want to do it again. I wanted my friends to do it but they didn’t want to. So I think they will now once they learn how amazing it was to come here,” said Melinda Grahek.

The campers will also visit the Bayfield Coast Guard and the Ashland Fire Department to learn more from those emergency professionals.

The Rescue Divas Camp finishes up this Thursday.

As a reward the girls will get an honorary badge and a certificate for successfully completing the camp.

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