Summer Means Time to Care for Lawns

Lawn Mowing businesses are busy preparing lawns after rain and snow.

DULUTH, Minn.- Summer is a time for many fun activities: vacations, swimming, barbecues.

But it’s also a time to care for your lawns.

After a long winter, many Northlanders get a good look at their lawns for the first time in a while.

“Of course we’re running into things like 12 inch grass,” said Shane Madrinich.

“With the snowfall it really put a damper on getting out an cutting the grass when things were dry.”

This drives up business for lawn care services, like Duluth Lawn Pros, which Madrinich owns.

“Swamped,” he said. “We’re definitely swamped. Phones ringing off the hook right now.”

Madrinich runs the business with his family.

“My younger son is, he’s on the big mower so he digs that, digs the big mower, cuts real well, so that’s kind of his thing.”

Lawn mowing experts say if you want to mow yourself, one thing you can do to transition smoothly into mowing season is check your lawn mower ahead of time, in case it needs repair.

“We get quite a few calls this time of the year as far as people’s mowers not working. ‘Hey can you come out and get us cleaned up and headed in the right direction for summer.'”

Another tip for mowing longer grass: go over it once with the mower blades set high. It may take some extra time, but will save your machine from jamming.

And once you start chopping at those green stalks, make sure you follow a schedule.

“Keep up on the maintenance,” said Madrinich. “A lot of people’s yards tend to get away from them if they don’t mow it on a consistent basis.”

“Of course when you go 2 weeks then the lawn really takes a little bit more effort to actually get it cut.”

When those lawn mower engines start rumblin’, it’s a sign that summer is here in the Northland.

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