Zeitgeist, Local Artist Team Up to Bring Street Art to Hillside Neighborhoods

Moira Villiard is the same artist who painted temporary murals in Canal Park in 2018.

DULUTH, Minn.- Zeitgeist Arts Community is teaming up with a local artist to bring street art into the East and Central Hillside neighborhoods this summer.

Various intersections and crosswalks by Myers-Wilkins Elementary, Chester Park and Portland Square will be painted with designs representing the community’s culture.

The artist spoke to neighbors about what was important to them for inspirational art.

“Introducing people to art who maybe haven’t picked up a brush since elementary school– it’s really cool to see how people interact with the art itself and have a sort of sense of ownership once they do that,” artist Moira Villiard said.

The first murals will be painted in the crosswalks at 10th Ave. East and 8th Street on June 25.

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