Northland Foundation Adresses Child Trauma and Behaviors

DULUTH, Minn. – Nearly 200 professionals who work with kids were in Duluth for the Northland Foundation’s “Nurturing the Northland” Conference.

The conference is designed to help professionals, who work with children, gain a better understanding of child trauma and behaviors.

Research shows multiple adversities can determine why a child may behave or interact a certain way.

“The identifiable, current identifiable adversities are things like parental divorce, parental incarceration, parental mental health, witnessing domestic violence in the home,” said Molly Harney, Associate Professor at University of Minnesota Duluth.

The professionals learn strategies and techniques on how to respond and interact with children dealing with trauma.

A Superior Middle school teacher, who brought up the idea of the conference to the Northland Foundation, says her knowledge of child trauma has changed her perspective.

“It had a huge impact on our mindset. Instead of asking what’s wrong with the child. We started reframing the question what happened to this child and how this child given what their experiences have been,” said Amanda Lindquist.

It is believed poverty and homelessness can also attribute to child trauma.

The conference continues through Thursday.

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