Vikre Distillery Launches Canned Craft Cocktail

Vikre will Host a Launch Party at the Distillery Cocktail Room June 15

DULUTH, Minn. – Canal Park based Vikre Distillery is branching out, releasing their first ready to drink craft cocktail.

The distillery will host a launch party for the new beverage at the Distillery Cocktail Room on Saturday, June 15.

The cocktail is called Frenchie and is a blend of Vikre’s organic Juniper Gin, sparkling rosé wine, a floral rosé liqueur, and lemon juice.

“Frenchie is my love letter to one of my very favorite cocktails, the French 75,” says creator Emily Vikre. “I’ve taken the classic French 75 recipe and made a few careful tweaks to make it a little spritzier – I’m a total sucker for a spritz – with complex layers of elderflower, grapefruit, and cardamom.”

Emily Vikre, Co-Founder & President, Vikre Distillery

Vikre says after that, combining a French 75 cocktail with a French Bulldog, and giving them the nickname “Frenchie” just seemed natural.

The idea for the adult beverage came to Vikre roughly a year and a half ago when the Vikre’s younger son was a couple months old.

She was finally having a moment to sit down and have some quiet time with a friend, and she found herself thinking about making French 75s, but she didn’t have the time, energy or ingredients to make a complex cocktail.

Vikre wanted to develop a French 75 that could be easily accessible, pre-mixed, and poured from a can.

Canned cocktails have a reputation of being sugar bombs with lots of artificial flavorings and colorings, but craft distilleries are starting to make their own canned versions.

“We’re pushing the envelope on quality and creativity,” explains Vikre. “I wanted a cocktail that has the ease and portability of a can, but that doesn’t compromise any of the flavor or quality standards I have for the cocktails in our distillery cocktail room.”

Vikre will be hosting a release party Saturday, June 15 at its newly renovated cocktail room in Canal Park, located at 525 South Lake Avenue.

The party will be taking place from noon to 11:00 p.m., featuring Frenchie on tap, live music, snacks, appearances by live French bulldogs and a giant paper mâché French bulldog named Francois.


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