Vikre Distillery to Release Canned French 75 Cocktail

A twist on the classic French 75 beverage.

DULUTH, Minn.- Vikre Distillery is putting their own twist on the classic French 75 cocktail and putting it in a can.

The drink is called ‘Frenchie.’

It’s a mix of juniper gin, rose and lemon juice, just like the French 75 cocktail on tap at the distillery.

The canned beverage will be available in liquor stores across Minnesota…

Wisconsin and even Chicago.

“A lot of people ask us they want that same experience of our tap room, but I want to have it out in the world and we said, ‘good, we put it in a can for you!'” Vikre co-founder Joel Vikre said.

Vikre is hosting a launch party all day Saturday to celebrate the drink and show off their newly renovated space in Canal Park.

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