USS Duluth Reunion See’s Flag From Ship Hung At City Hall

Thirty members of the USS Duluth gathered at City Hall today for this special recognition

DULUTH, Minn.- U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Veterans who served on board the USS Duluth decades ago are back in the Twin Ports for a reunion this week. Thursday, these crew members celebrated a flag that was on that ship for six months during World War Two.

A Battle Ensign is a large flag on a ship making that ship easier to identify during a battle. Thursday, one of those flags returned to the city named after the ship where these sailors once served.

“This has kind of become our second home. Most crews of ships don’t they don’t really have a home, very few ships are named after a place”, said Don Rowe, President of USS Duluth Crew Members Association.

For crew members who were on that ships, it doesn’t matter if they were part of the Navy or the Marine Corps, they all share a special bond even all these years later.

“It came a time where we just became brothers. We all took the same oath, we all took that oath to defend our country against enemies foreign and domestic to serve our county. No matter what branch it was the same oath, and we are just brothers no matter what branch”, said Dan Streu, Marine who was on the USS Duluth.

This is the fourth reunion on the USS Duluth crew members have had in Duluth and they have activities planned through the weekend.

Now the crew members ask for the public’s help when they take this down Saturday night at 5 p.m. right at City Hall.

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