Bell of USS Duluth Now Hangs in Depot

After 5-6 years Bell makes it back to the city the ship is named after.

DULUTH, Minn.- The second piece of the USS Duluth, the bell, has made its way back to the city the ship was named after.

The first piece of the ship, the anchor, can be seen from the Lakewalk. Crewmembers of the ship could not be more proud to have the bell back in the ship’s namesake.

The ship’s bell signaled its arrival at the Depot during the 4th Annual Crewmembers Reunion, an important part of the crew’s experience serving on the ship.

“It’s just awesome to have this bell,” said Congressman Pete Stauber, who attended the Reunion. “It’s a part of history and the ship was named after the city of Duluth and I think it’s a privilege to have it here in this historic Depot that’s so critically important to this region.”

The ship isn’t only used to signal, keep time and sound alarms. According to the President of the Crewmembers Association, it was also where their children had an important religious experience.

“It’s common for the babies of particularly officers but other crewmembers when they’re born to be baptized or christened in the bell,” Don Rowe said.

“The bell was removed from its mounting, turned upside down on a table and the baby was christened literally inside the bell.”

About 5 or 6 babies were baptized in the bell, Rowe said, their names engraved on the inside.

Rowe connected with a girl who received a bell-baptism, who’s now in her 30s, showing how large of a part the bell plays in many lives other than just crewmembers’.

The bell is on loan from the Naval History and Heritage Command Center, and is expected to stay at the Depot from now on.

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