Teaching How to be Psychic at Valentini’s in Duluth

Beginners Psychic/Mediumship Development Workshop held.

DULUTH, Minn.- Some in Duluth learned how to tap into their extra senses at Valentini’s Vicino Lago in Duluth on Saturday.

A Beginners Psychic/Mediumship Development Workshop was held, where participants learned how to give readings.

The class cost $100 and takes place in different cities.

According to the instructor, it can change how you see and experience your life.

“Everybody’s born with psychic abilities or psychic gifts, intuition, 6th sense,” said Psychic Medium DeEtte Stewart. “Have you ever gone about your day and out of nowhere you just know you need to take a left and you take it and you find out that you missed a big accident?”

“It’s the feelings that change your life it’s the thoughts that change your life.”

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