Father’s Day Brings Together Three Generations of Golfing Family

Men of the Mertz Family get together every year to golf on Father's Day.

DULUTH, Minn.- Father-son bonding can take place anywhere, even on a golf course.

Every Father’s Day the Northland Country Club has a special day of Golf, which has rooted itself as a longstanding tradition in one family’s history.

“This is a special day,” said Richard Mertz Sr. “We’ve done it for a number of years, we really have and sons and now grandsons. So my sons and I’m their father and my grandsons have their father with them.”

Mertz Sr. has been golfing for over 40 years, bringing his kids along as well.

“We do play a lot,” Richard Mertz Jr. said. “Especially I play with my brothers a lot, my nephews, it’s great to play with my dad as well, and we’ve grown up playing with each other a lot.”

On Father’s Day, Richard Sr.’s kids bring their kids golfing. Three generations out on the course.

“It’s just fun to be with everybody and just have a good time, said one of the younger Mertzes, Samuel. “There’s nothing real competitive going on, it’s nice and relaxed.”

Golfing runs through the whole family’s veins.

“Everybody plays golf, everyone. My wife, my sons, my daughter-in-laws, my grandsons,” Mertz Sr. said.

And the Mertz’s Father’s Day tradition helps each of them improve their swing as well.

“My Grandpa tries to show me things all the time and same with my dad and uncle so I just pick up new stuff all the time,” said Samuel.

The Father’s Day group hopes to add more Mertzes to the game in the future.

“As we all get older we appreciate it more and more and it was a lot of fun today for sure,” Mertz Jr. said.

“All good when you’re with your family.”

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