La Tequila Mexican Restaurant Opening Doors in Superior

La Tequila will be owned by part of the family who's involved with El Tequila in Hayward and Spooner.

SUPERIOR, Wis. –  La Tequila, a Mexican restaurant, is opening its doors in the South End of Superior on Monday.

It’s located in the building where the former City’s 58th Street Diner was located on Tower Avenue and 58th Street.

La Tequila is owned by part of the family who’s involved with El Tequila in Hayward and Spooner.

The family is opening La Tequila after many years of wanting to have a presence in Superior.

The space isn’t large, but they make up for it with colorful decorations, plenty of sombreros, traditional Mexican artwork, and a full bar.

The family says they’re excited to be in town.

“We are excited just to be here in Superior we want all the community to come and try us. We are friendly, we are good people, and we want to be part of the community,” said Mildred Quiroz and Carlos Escobedo, who are part of the management team.

Escobedo’s son is the owner of La Tequila and they are committed to giving the customer a great experience.

“I think that people will find out that we have great food, excellent service, place going to be clean all the time, and we are really friendly people,” said Quiroz and Escobedo.

La Tequila will be open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m..

The management stressed that they do not want to take business away from other Mexican restaurants in Superior, but rather they just want to be immersed in the community.

La Tequila is located at  5802 Tower Avenue and will be open for business starting Monday.


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