Congressman Stauber Holds Roundtable in Duluth

Congressman Stauber invites business leaders to discuss federal grants.

DULUTH, Minn.- Congressman Pete Stauber held a Roundtable discussion at the Kitchi Gammi Country Club on Monday.

The meeting was held to discuss how to make federal grants more accessible to organizations in rural communities.

Media was only allowed in for the first five minutes of the meeting.

They talked issues like rural broadband and housing, and how they can improve the process for smaller rural communities to apply for the 32,800 grants available in the country for rural initiatives.

“One of the barriers is just the excessive amount of paperwork to be able to be considered for a federal grant,” Stauber said. “Some of the rural and smaller communities we’ve heard, they don’t have specialized grant writers so that’s tough for them to get the grants.”

“We want to be able to help them if they come across some kind of bumps in the road.”

Congressman Stauber will be headed back to Washington on Tuesday.

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