Duluth Man Sentenced in Death of Park Point Resident

DULUTH, Minn. – 31 year–old Darrel Mayhew will spend 20 years of his life paying for his actions, after Judge Dale Harris handed down his sentence.

Mayhew represented himself in court, took a plea deal back in May.

He plead guilty to the charge of second degree unintentional murder.

At his sentencing those who knew Larry best filled the court room to hear his fate.

One by one each gave statements.

Erik Watczak told the court “There is no way to fill the hole in everyone’s heart” after losing his father.

Jeff Watczak, Larry’s brother, tearfully shared how he struggles to answer when asked how he feels after about five months since the loss of his brother.

The prosecution also expressed it would be “unfair to value Larry’s life to a number.”

The Watczak’s family previously shared with Fox 21 the type of person Larry was. He had a strong passion for old cars.

“That was his life. His cars. He’s had lots and lots of them. he wasn’t picky. He liked them all.. no matter how ugly they were,” said Erik Watczak.

Left with those memories, the family also revealed the difficulty of dealing with the tragedy.

“Working on the cars. We talked about it a lot. It’s going to be tough. A hard adjustment to make,” Erik continues.

Jeff Watczak expressed during that interview, “I’m struggling with coming to grips with saying my brother was murdered.  My brother didn’t die. My brother didn’t get sick and die. My brother was murdered. It just doesn’t sound right. It sounds surreal. Unreal.”

Judge Harris has required Mayhew to serve two thirds of his sentence in prison.

If he maintains good behavior he could finish the remainder of his time on parole.

Before sentencing, Mayhew sent the family an apology letter explaining his remorse.

But he also addressed the Watczak family in court by saying “I’m really truly sorry” and “I love y’all.”

He also asked for the families’ forgiveness.

Mayhew was ordered to pay a 50 dollar fine.

Instead of paying to the court it will be given to the family as restitution.

Mayhew has already been in jail since January. Those days will be credited to his sentence.

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