Extreme Paddle Board Adventurer Leaves Twin Ports for Arctic in Never Before Attempted Trip

Jared Munch Raises Funds For Local Neighborhood Youth Services

DULUTH, Minn. — Monday morning a local Duluth man paddled away on a rare adventure to the Arctic. Taking a never before attempted trip on a stand up paddle board, Jared Munch has been planning this adventure for many years. He is traveling 490 miles up the north shore of Lake Superior to the northeast corner, where he will then paddle on river rapids for 430 miles through Canada. Munch will eventually make his way to the southern tip of the Arctic Ocean, at James Bay. Marking 920 miles of paddling on a SUP! He would be the first to ever complete this adventure.

“Right now, I’m feeling excited and extremely nervous, all at the same time. This trip has been something I’ve been wanting to do for about 3 years. It’s finally here! So there are a lot of feelings right now. But once I hit the water, I’ll feel really comfortable about where I am.” said Munch.

As Munch said good-bye to friends and waved to the Twin Ports, he paddled out of sight along the north shore around 9am on Monday June 17, 2019.

He is planning to paddle 30 miles a day, which would take him approximately a month to complete.

Munch’s paddle on Lake Superior will be alone, but plans to meet his father for a re-supply when he gets half way through his trip and arrives on the Michipicoten River. From then on, his father will be accompanying him in a kayak.

You can track his progress online and donateĀ  – all of his proceeds are going directly to the Neighborhood Youth Services. Which helps local kids get academic support, participate in recreational activities and eat free healthy meals.



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