Lake Superior College Hosts Crash Simulation

Middle School aged kids saw the harsh reality of what could happen Wednesday when not paying attention on the roads

DULUTH, Minn.- They are not old enough to drive yet, but on Wednesday, 60 middle school aged campers saw the harsh reality of what could happen if they aren’t paying attention on the roads.

Mock victims feigned injuries with cuts and bruises all over their bodies, showing young kids what distracted driving could lead to. The simulation had a dual purpose, teaching kids why it’s important to drive without distraction when they get their drivers licenses, and also show them what a career as a first responder could look like.

“Opening it up much younger kids and really showing them that there are so many possibilities. You don’t just have to be one thing, that you can do multiple things in one certain area is really beneficial to helping them find out who they really are”, said Grace Semaan, a mock crash victim.

The Scrubs Camp at Lake Superior College teaches campers about careers in healthcare, from nursing to lab science and social work.

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