Legendary Runners Host Second Annual Grandma’s Talk Show

One of the special guests was Paralympic athlete Tatyana McFadden.

DULUTH, Minn. -Legendary runners Dick Beardsley and Carrie Tollefson hosted the second annual Grandma’s talk show and welcomed special guests on stage, hosting a question and answer and doing prize giveaways with the audience.

One of the guests was Tatyana McFadden, who came in first at the 2019 World Championships in the wheelchair event. She talked about her experience with the Paralympics and how excited she is to be back at Grandma’s.

“For [Saturday], I’m really, really excited. If it’s going to be the right weather like we’re expecting, it’s going to be fast for us. Probably a good time for us to maybe help get us a qualifying time for Tokyo next year, which would be really quite amazing,” McFadden said.

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