North Shore Railroad Offering Rides For Grandma’s Runners

The North Shore Scenic Railroad will take 1,100 runners to Two Harbors at 5:45 Saturday morning

DULUTH, Minn.- Moving people around the Northland is very difficult this weekend, but one local business is offering a free way for runners to get to the starting line from Duluth.

The North Shore Scenic Railroad will be taking around 1,100 runners from Duluth to Two Harbors. It will leave at 5:45 in the morning from over by the DECC and a railroad official said the atmosphere is its own unique vibe.

“The enthusiasm on that train is contagious. You just keep going and going and going and people are just sharing their stories and getting to know each other”, said Ken Buehler, General Manager for the North Shore Scenic Railroad.

We will have more coverage of those taking the trip on the train Saturday at 9 p.m.

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