Grandma’s Runners Cross the Finish Line for Another Year

 Grandma's Marathon is widely regarded as one of the top races in the United States.

DULUTH, Minn. – Thousands of runners from around the country crossed the finish line in Canal Park for Grandma’s Marathon and the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon on Saturday.

Grandma’s Marathon is widely regarded as one of the top races in the United States.

Many runners run personal bests on the marathon track from Two Harbors to Duluth and one says the course helped her along the way.

She has ran three marathons over the course of the last eight weeks, including the Boston Marathon.

“Such a beautiful course along the lake, so nice to have that view and that breeze coming off and the sun behind you so it’s not beating right over you, and definitely to look out at that take a deep breath and encourage yourself is really nice too,” said Melanie Worley.

Other less experienced runners took to the course as well.

One woman was celebrating her 29th birthday by completing a half-marathon which she never thought she would do.

“Never, I was actually a kiddo that opted out of running the mild in high school so I can safely say I only run if I absolutely have to and if someone is chasing me,” said Hannah Checketts, who ran her first half.

The course with a few gentle rolling hills is the site for many a personal best.

“I got my personal best because it’s a great course had the wind behind me and I had a great team behind me. Because we are in Duluth it’s a great place to be,” said Jake Schlindwein, who ran just his third marathon.

Running a marathon is a goal of so many people and according to one runner, she says you never now what you can do until you try.

“It’s kind of a big learning curve and you sort of don’t realize your ability until you actually start racing it and then you realize wow I can do this faster than I thought,” said Worley.

For a full list of results visit Grandma’s website here.

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