Nutritional Education Class For Teens

Teens were taught proper cooking tips during a class Monday

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Better self preservation is on the mind of FoodWIse educators this week as teens are taught proper cooking tips during a unique class in Superior.

During the event, students learn a variety of important skills including the important of hand and food washing. Students are also learning the basics of the program ‘MyPlate’ which gives kids a better idea for how to eat healthy.

“So by eating the MyPlate method, a person will not have to add vitamins and extra minerals because you will get those things in your food. Our whole idea is to eat healthy in the first place and meet your body’s needs through what you take in throughout the day”, said Julie Montgomery, FoodWIse Coordinator for UW-Madison.

The event is being hosted by Superior Middle School and runs through the middle of July. For more information, click here.

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