The Weekend That Was of Grandma’s Marathon

A very successful Granada's weekend due to many things

DULUTH, Minn.- The 43rd Annual Grandma’s Marathon has come and gone, and while the clean-up is still on-going, it’s time to take a final look back at just how everything went this year.

Northlanders spend so long getting prepared and ready for the thousands of people that come to town for Grandma’s Marathon. And then it goes by just like that and organizers start to prepare for next year’s event.

Grandma’s organizers know without their many staff members, the successful weekend they had wouldn’t have been possible.

“I think our staff is indomitable. We have a younger crew on staff that is more experienced now. We have got some long time employees that have been with Grandma’s Marathon for 15 up to 30 plus years, and that makes all the difference”, said Shane Bauer, Executive Director of Grandma’s Marathon.

The weather cooperated nicely for local businesses and “Minnesota Nice” was in full effect this weekend down in Canal Park serving the packed crowds.

“We want you to leave with that on your mind. You come to Duluth, you leave happy and you feel like it was a great experience. That’s what we do”, said Dave Hoops, Owner of Hoops Brewing.

As for next year’s Grandma’s Marathon, organizers will meet in the coming weeks to talk about some possible tweaks, but no changes are expected for the 2020 Grandma’s Marathon.

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