Duluth Psychiatrist Offering Magnetic TMS Treatment for Depression & OCD

Dr. Eric Johnson says the treatment can help patients who have not responded to medications

DULUTH, Minn. – An in-home clinic in Duluth is now offering a magnetic procedure called TMS for treatment-resistant depression and obsessive compulsive disorder.

During treatment at Duluth TMS, patients sit in a chair and fasten a helmet-like device to their head.

Then, 2,000 magnetic stimulations are given to their brain over a twenty minute span.

According to Dr. Eric Johnson, TMS can help patients who have not responded to medications.

“We get complacent, we get used to people stuck in their misery and we tell them things like medications don’t work for anybody and then we just hang in there with them and accept their depression but this is another way to go. This will help half those people get better,” said Johnson.

According to Mayo Clinic, common TMS side effects are headaches, tingling, and light-headedness.

Uncommon side effects may include seizures, mania, and hearing loss.

Dr. Johnson performs the treatment in his home on 24th Avenue East in Duluth.

He says more insurance companies are covering it. The out of pocket cost is about $10,000.

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